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Fixed Pier, gangway to a custom boat house and dock in Orlando.


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For over 35 years the name “Ravens” was synonymous with the “Worlds largest producer of aluminum flatbed and dump trailers.” In 1977 the company took advantage of its image for quality and dependability by expanding into the marine construction industry fabricating aluminum docks, gangways, bulkheads and other aluminum specialty products.

The response was so overwhelming, Ravens decided in 1985 to open a new division called Ravens Marine. The Kissimmee, Florida plant took over 100% of all manufacturing requirements for the marine industry. Ravens now could focus on providing its customers around the world quality marine products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In 1990, David Hill along with the other Ravens employees privately purchased Ravens Marine. David then began to buy out the other employees’ shares until he and his wife Barbara were the sole owners of Ravens Marine.

David and Barbara Hill were a perfect fit for Ravens Marine. Each year Ravens Marine continued to grow and increase its reputation for quality marine products. Today the company custom manufactures solutions for customers across the globe.






 David and Barbara Hill

David has always had two personal goals in his life 1) To own his own business and 2) Live on a bass fishing lake in Florida. When he got the chance to purchase Ravens Marine, he succeeded in his first goal. Keep in mind that David has no formal training in business or any fancy college degrees. He used his superior work ethic and over 30 years of accounting background to mold Ravens Marine into a successful business. Running even a small business alone is difficult, so he brought in someone he could trust and work with day to day. David invited Barbara, his wife, to join in this adventure where she brought 20 years of banking experience and an un-matched attention to detail to Ravens. You could say it was a match made in heaven.

In 1998, David made his second goal come true. He built a home on beautiful Lake Toho, the best bass fishing lake in the world. David and Barbara enjoy this beautiful lake and launch their boat from their backyard with a Ravens floating dock, gangway and fixed pier.
Matthew Hill
Matthew came to Ravens with a background of a United States Marine and a police officer in Ohio. David invited Matthew to join in the family business and to be an eventual successor. Matthew gave up police work and moved here from Ohio in 1995 and went to the University of Central Florida where he received his undergraduate degree in Marketing and continued on to receive his MBA in 2004. As the second generation of the family owned business, Matt oversees daily operations at Ravens Marine. When asked what his job title is at Ravens you will most likely hear “whatever it takes” - a compliment to the team attitude that David and Barbara have instilled here.